Person Year Event
Johnstone, Alison 2019 Spring Concert
Johnstone, Alison 2011 An Evening With Bill
Tremblay, Liz 2004 Sleeping Beauty
Johnstone, Alison 2000 Millennium Concert
Pitman, Liz 2000 Millennium Concert
Rathbone, Tom 2000 Millennium Concert
Stellings, Alan 2000 Millennium Concert
Swift, Mair 2000 Millennium Concert
Trembath, John 2000 Millennium Concert
Johnstone, Alison 2000 Evening of Chamber Music
Johnstone, Alison 1999 American Concert
Katsuyama, Sean 1999 American Concert
Pitman, Liz 1999 American Concert
Sachon, Peter 1999 American Concert
Swift, Mair 1999 American Concert
Lamont, Rebecca 1998 Daylesford Sinfonia
Pitman, Liz 1998 Daylesford Sinfonia
Swift, Mair 1998 Daylesford Sinfonia
Johnstone, Alison 1997 Musical Interludes
Moxon, Paul 1986 Night at the Opera
May, Elizabeth 1984 Die Fledermaus
Moxon, Paul 1981 Oliver
Burdon, Van 1979 Spring Concert
Moxon, Paul 1978 My Fair Lady
Moxon, Paul 1978 Summer Concert
Moxon, Paul 1977 Summer Concert
Moxon, Paul 1976 Christmas Concert
Hallgrimsson, Hafledy 1975 Menuhin Festival Orchestra
Smith, Roger 1975 Menuhin Festival Orchestra
Truman, Robert 1975 Menuhin Festival Orchestra
Anderson, Nicola 1973 English Sinfonia
Hurwitz, Michael 1973 English Sinfonia
Jones, Frances 1973 Concert of Choral and Instrumental Music
Alsop, Ruth 1971 Alsop-Bernstein Trio
Cole, Orlando 1971 Curtis String Quartet
Cole, Orlando 1968 Curtis String Quartet
DiCecco, Bruno 1967 Hartford Festival Orchestra
Glyde, Judith 1967 Hartford Festival Orchestra
Kann, James 1967 Hartford Festival Orchestra
Riley, John 1967 Hartford Festival Orchestra
Greenhouse, Bernard 1967 Bach Aria Group
Armstrong, Robert 1966 Christmas Concert
Dannreuther, Oriole 1966 B.M.D.S. Choir
Cole, Orlando 1961 Curtis String Quartet
Robbins, Channing 1952 Wenlock String Quartet