Eames, Peter

Involvement Year Event
Cast 1976 Beyond the Fringe
Teddy Bompas 1976 How He Lied To Her Husband
Monsieur 1975 Old Time Music Hall
Director 1975 Tiger at the Gates
Messenger 1974 Everyman
Archbishop 1974 Romanoff and Juliet
Director 1974 Mary Stuart - Queen of Scots
Woodcutter 1974 Blood Wedding
Ben Butley 1973 Butley
Prince Henri De Conde 1973 Devils
Ermintrude 1973 No Man is an Island
John-Jo Mulligan 1973 Bedtime Story
Muck 1973 World Tipped Over And Laying On Its Side
Tegeus-Chromis 1972 Pheonix Too Frequent