Person Year Event
Ross, Kate 2012 Daylesford Singers - Shaken Not Stirred
Ross, Kate 2008 Daylesford Singers - Anything Goes
Gallant, Gaynor 2006 Daylesford Singers: Young at Heart
Gallant, Gaynor 2005 Daylesford Singers: One Sing-ular Sensation
Gallant, Gaynor 2002 Daylesford Singers 2002
Kitts, Chris 2000 Millennium Concert
Hostetter, Paul 1999 American Concert
Gallant, Gaynor 1999 Daylesford Singers 99
Gallant, Gaynor 1996 Daylesford Singers '96
Gallant, Gaynor 1995 Daylesford Singers
McCully, Gloria 1986 Follow the Star
Dill, Kenneth 1980 Jesus Christ Superstar
Dilkes, Neville 1973 English Sinfonia
Zavod, Alan 1973 Kiss Me Kate
Brawley, Robert 1967 Hartford Festival Orchestra
Eade, David 1964 B.M.D.S. Choir
Boatwright, Howard 1959 350th Anniversary Concert
Parkes, P. W. 1956 Band of 1st Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Wolfersteig, Robert 1955 B.M.D.S. Music Makers
Harman, Cynthia Earl 1954 B.M.D.S. Choral Concert
Parkes, P. W. 1954 Band of 1st Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry with B.M.D.S. Chorus