Cooke, Gladys

Involvement Year Event
Make-up 1969 Babes in the Wood
Make-up 1968 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Make-up consultant 1968 Crucible
Make-up Design 1967 Jack and the Beanstalk
Make-up 1967 Teahouse of the August Moon
Make-up Head 1966 Streetcar Named Desire
Make-up 1966 Hotel Paradiso
Make-up 1965 Tiger at the Gates
Make-up 1965 Private Ear
Make-up 1965 Public Eye
Make-up 1965 Winslow Boy
Make-up 1964 Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Make-up 1964 Shades of Shakespeare
Make-up 1964 Why Don't You Answer Me
Make-up 1963 Come Blow Your Horn
Make-up 1963 Sabrina Fair
Make-up 1963 Man Who Came To Dinner
Production Manager 1962 Gaslight
Make-up 1961 Not in the Book
Make-up 1960 Small Hotel
Acknowledgement 1960 Firstborn
Make-up 1958 Edward, My Son
Make-up 1958 Dear Departed
Make-up 1958 Still Life
Prompt 1955 Admirable Crichton