Dempster, Dan J.

Also known as ..
Dempster, Dan, Dempster, Danny

Involvement Year Event
Special Artwork 2005 Wit
Set Painting 2002 Love's Labour's Lost
Special Artwork 2002 Love's Labour's Lost
Protean 2002 Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Acknowledgement 2002 Cry Havoc
Leonel Felmet, Duke of Lancre 1999 Wyrd Sisters
Crew 1992 Sinbad the Sailor
Set Construction 1992 Family Affair
Set Construction 1992 Forever Yours
Nicholas Beckett 1991 What the Butler Saw
Crew 1991 Actor's Nightmare
Crew 1991 All For Your Delight
Crew 1991 Blues
Crew 1991 Marriage Proposal
Crew 1991 Typists
Yevgeny Sergeyevitch 1990 Seagull
Chorus 1989 Antigone, Scenes from
Chorus 1989 Oedipus, Scenes from
Herr Schultz 1986 Cabaret
Capt. Randolph Southard 1985 Caine Mutiny Courtmartial
Father Doherty 1984 Angels Fall
Mr. Justice Millhouse 1982 Whose Life Is It Anyway
Crew 1981 Cherry Sisters
Crew 1981 Henry the Tenth (Part Seven)
Crew 1981 Moby Dick
Crew 1981 Streuth
Set Design 1979 Homecoming
Set Construction 1979 Absurd Person Singular
Andrew Crocker-Harris 1978 Browning Version
Poster 1977 Winslow Boy
Arthur 1977 Winslow Boy
Lights 1977 Right Honourable Gentleman
Dwarf 1975 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Monsieur 1975 Old Time Music Hall
Penelope 1973 No Man is an Island
Morgenhall 1972 Dock Brief
Captain Bluntschli 1972 Arms and the Man
House Manager 1971 Aladdin
Speaker 1971 Mankind
Jim Cherry 1971 Flowering Cherry
Steve Hubbel 1966 Streetcar Named Desire
Boniface 1966 Hotel Paradiso
Berenger 1966 Rhinoceros
Hugo 1966 Ring Round The Moon
Frederic 1966 Ring Round The Moon