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One Act Plays

Author : Lightbourne, Ronald
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
24-Jun-1991 - 29-Jun-1991


Role Person
Acknowledgement Duncan, William
Acknowledgement Fox, Richard
Acknowledgement Hannant, Jean
Acknowledgement Mello, Michael
Acknowledgement Nichol, Carol
Acknowledgement Rollin, Judy
Acknowledgement Siese, Anthony
Acknowledgement Smye-Rumbsy, Cerys
Acknowledgement Wingate, Elizabeth
Acknowledgement Woolcock, Peter
Acknowledgement Woolgar, Paul
Assistant Stage Manager Cox, Margot
Assistant Stage Manager March, Kerstin
Assistant Stage Manager Moffett, Jennifer
Box Office Gorham, Laura
Box Office Parkin, Doug
Box Office Simpson, Natalie
Box Office Manager Parkin, Lyn
Crew Belton, Peter
Crew Center, Les
Crew Dempster, Dan J.
Crew Lee-Emery, Adrian
Crew Taylor, Tim
Crew Boss Dudden, Steve
Director Reese, Arthur M.
Front of House Lough, John
Hair Dodman, Julie
Lighting Design Reese, Arthur M.
Lights Byrd, David
Lights Dixon, Matthew
Lights Lawrence, Julliette
Lights Scanlon, Nora
Lights Smith, Wilbert
Make-up Wiest, Margaret
Make-up Head McCullagh, Susan
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Photographer Belton, Peter
Photographer Comber, Nicholas
Poster Gallant, Steve
Producer Foister, Louise
Producer Stroeder, Janice
Prompt Tayler, Hazel
Properties Bates, Anne
Properties Cabral, Karen
Properties Cuthbertson, Kathy
Properties Forrester, Nancy
Properties Gardecki, Judy
Properties Hollis, Ellen-Jane
Properties Head Hammond, Jane
Properties Head Hollis, Adria
Publicity Gorham, Laura
Set Construction Belton, Peter
Set Construction Dudden, Steve
Set Construction Head Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Painting Dodwell, Bonnie
Set Painting Stroeder, Janice
Set Painting Head Mills, Jon
Sound Chauncy
Sound Hassell, Colin
Sound Saunders, Ian
Sound Design March, Chris
Special Artwork Gilfoy, Bruce
Stage Manager Simpson, Janet C.
Wardrobe Bailey, Rosemary
Wardrobe Birch, Carol
Wardrobe Freestone, Jeanette
Wardrobe Horgan, Jackie
Wardrobe Tringham, Helen
Wardrobe Mistress Pyrah, Janet