White, David L.

Involvement Year Event
Acknowledgement 2003 Old Jock
Acknowledgement 2003 Convergence
Acknowledgement 2003 What's in a Name
Acknowledgement 2003 Chewing the Fat
Acknowledgement 2003 Stella & Her Steelheaded Men
Acknowledgement 2003 Spider's Web
Director 1972 Not Now Darling
Emperor of China 1971 Aladdin
Frutti 1970 Cinderella
Director 1970 Ladies in Retirement
Friar Tuck 1969 Babes in the Wood
Lawyer Cribbs 1969 Drunkard
Rhoda (the Cook) 1968 Dick Whittington and his Cat
Director 1968 Killing of Sister George
Production Manager 1967 Teahouse of the August Moon
Director 1966 Streetcar Named Desire
Inspector Bouchard 1966 Hotel Paradiso
Assistant Director 1966 Hotel Paradiso
Dudard 1966 Rhinoceros
Romainville 1966 Ring Round The Moon
Director 1965 Tiger at the Gates
Reader 1965 Hollow Crown
Publicity 1959 Phipps
Publicity 1959 Trifles
Publicity 1959 Where the Cross is Made
Nat Bartlett 1959 Where the Cross is Made
Director 1958 Dear Departed
Director 0 Murder in the Cathedral