Ladies in Retirement

Author : Denham, Reginald
Author : Percy, Edward
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
08-Jun-1970 - 13-Jun-1970
Character Person
Albert Feather Suddards, Ian
Bates Rushe, George
Ellen Creed McKenzie, Maureen
Emily Creed Hill, Carol
Leonora Fiske Clack, Lillian
Louisa Creed Salter, Penny
Lucy Gilham Smythe, Mary
Sister Theresa Lowenthal, Elsie
Role Person
Acknowledgement Scott, George
Acknowledgement White, Leslie A.
Assistant Production Manager Osmolski, Barbara
Assistant Stage Manager Armstrong, Myra
Assistant Stage Manager Cox, Janet
Assistant to Director Dufour, Madeline
Box Office Harmer, Jimmy
Call Girl Cooper, Annette
Call Girl Redding, Ora
Costumes Evans, Patricia
Costumes Griffin, Patricia
Costumes McClure, Sandra
Costumes Murphy, Elizabeth
Costumes Penwarden, Jenny
Costumes Siggins, Margaret
Costumes Smith, Sheila
Director White, David L.
Front of House Olivey, Freda D.
Hairstyling Stuart, Mr.
House Manager Fishbein, Larry
House Manager Harmer, Leslie B.
House Manager Mason, William
House Manager Pettit, Anthony
Lighting Design Hallett, Bruce
Lights Caldersmith, Ninya
Lights Draycott, Terry
Make-up Corner, Eileen
Make-up Dempster, Kay
Make-up Draycott, Mary
Make-up Flaherty, Pam
Make-up Lowry, Veronica
Production Manager Lee, Carol
Programme Blyth, Wendy
Programme Relph, David
Programme Relph, Eileen
Prompt Barber, Arlene
Prompt Jones, Anne
Properties Dempster, Pamela
Properties Hickson, Elizabeth
Properties Siggins, Margaret
Publicity Murray, Marjorie W.
Publicity Rushe, George
Publicity Tatem, Sandy
Set Construction French, Anne
Set Construction Fwoks, Jan
Set Construction Hickson, Elizabeth
Set Construction Lough, John
Set Construction Lovatt, Kathy
Set Construction Mayers, Patrick
Set Construction McIntyre, Ciaran
Set Construction Montgomery, Bill
Set Construction Murphy, Elizabeth
Set Construction Pfaffle, Diana
Set Construction Pincott, John
Set Construction Pollard, Heather
Set Construction Shaw, Brian
Set Construction Sheppard, Stephanie
Set Construction Smith, Paul
Set Construction White, Reg
Set Construction Wilks, Barbara
Set Construction Wright, Jean
Set Construction Head Jeavons, Colin
Set Design Walker, Kay
Sound Barnes, John
Sound Pollard, Heather
Sound Consultant Bainbridge, Alan
Stage Manager Lough, John