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B.M.D.S. Theatre Workshop

Venue : Cavendish Hall, Devonshire
21-Oct-1969 - 25-Oct-1969

The last show to be performed at Cavendish Hall.

Character Person
Agnes Dowton Dinmore, Daphne
Arden Rencelaw Duncan, William
Edward Middleton Noyes, Alan
Julia Hubbard, Margaret
Landlord Harnett, William
Lawyer Cribbs White, David L.
Mary Wilson Crichton, Jan
Mrs. Wilson Lowenthal, Elsie
Peanut Seller/Orange Girl Adorable Alice
Peanut Seller/Orange Girl Buxom Bonnie
Peanut Seller/Orange Girl Luscious Liz
Sam Stephen Sherman, Roger W.
William Dowton Lowry, Paul
Role Person
Assistant Stage Manager Collett, Judy
Box Office Osmolski, Barbara
Call Girl Cooper, Annette
Costume Design Smith, Sheila
Director Sherman, Roger W.
Gothic Script Graham, Gail
House Manager Houghton, Freda
Lighting Design Walker, Kay
Lights Cox, Janet
Lights Johnson, Carol
Make-up Salter, Penny
Production Manager Armstrong, Myra
Programme Hill, Carol
Prompt Dufour, Madeline
Properties Outerbridge, Mary
Publicity Tatem, Sandy
Set Construction Mayers, Patrick
Set Construction McEwan, John
Set Construction Robinson, John
Sound Osmolski, Barbara
Sound Design Lough, John
Stage Manager Jeavons, Colin
Wardrobe Czwodak, Carol