What's in a Name

part of

Famous for 15 Minutes

Author : Pharoah, Debbie
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
12-Mar-2003 - 15-Mar-2003

Winner of Golden Ink Well. Presented by Jacob Murray.


Role Person
Acknowledgement Di Iorio, Arabella
Acknowledgement Hammond, Ken
Acknowledgement Hintz, Adrienne
Acknowledgement Hirschberg, Lorraine
Acknowledgement Jurgensen, Jan
Acknowledgement Runkel, Dylan
Acknowledgement White, David L.
Acknowledgement Wilson, Maria
Assistant Stage Manager Redahan, Carol
Bar Bowness, Deborah
Bar Farmer, Simon
Bar Gilmour, Angela
Bar Leece, Alan
Bar Mills, Jon
Bar Profit, Peter
Bar Pyrah, Janet
Bar Tappy, Carol
Bar Zelkin, Vic
Box Office Denomme, Rebecca
Box Office Donahue, Jeanette
Box Office Ferrari, Lisa
Box Office Grubesich, Denise
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Madeiros, Andrea
Box Office Tappy, Carol
Catering Swain, Anita
Catering Swain, Michael
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Crew Eldridge, Dennis
Crew Frith, Andrew
Crew Johnson, Scott
Director Simons, Andra
Front of House Callaghan, Brian
Front of House Copeland, Philip
Front of House Dobbie, Monica
Front of House Durner, Jack
Front of House Gilmour, Angela
Front of House Grewal, Nita
Front of House Rendell, Grahame
Front of House Saadian, Janet
Front of House Saadian, Jay
Front of House Steede, Marilyn
Front of House Strenk, Joseph
Front of House Swain, Anita
Front of House Swain, Michael
Front of House Tappy, Carol
Front of House Thacker, David
Front of House Vallis, Susan
Invited Audience Slaughter, Janet
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Butterfield, Than
Lights Cheal, Jenny
Lights Frith, Andrew
Lights Hastings-Smith, Julie
Lights Monro, Alex
Lights Watts, Steve
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Poster Nearon, Danya
Poster Taylor, Tim
Producer Coash, Tom
Producer Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Programme Hastings-Smith, Julie
Properties Toms, Jacqui
Publicity Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Set Construction & Painting Toms, Jacqui
Set Construction & Painting Watts, Steve
Sound Gardner, John
Sound Marsh, Rob
Sound Whalley, Andrew
Stage Manager Butterfield, Than
Wardrobe Armstrong, Susan
Wardrobe Kippax, Joanne
Wardrobe McLennan, Holli