Master of Ceremonies

Person Year Event
Butterfield, Than 2023 Mother Knows Best?
Butterfield, Than 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Butterfield, Than 2023 Red Solo Cup
Butterfield, Than 2023 The Game of Tens
Butterfield, Than 2023 Guarded
Butterfield, Than 2023 This Could Be You!
Ross, Kate 2022 Summer Showcase
Ross, Kate 2020 Spring Concert 2020
Brooks, Alan 2019 A Very Good Play
Brooks, Alan 2019 There's Too Much Rum in Dis Hurr Swizzle Bie
Brooks, Alan 2019 There's Too Much Rum in Dis Hurr Swizzle Bie
Brooks, Alan 2019 Quiz Night
Brooks, Alan 2019 Make A Wish Baby Cakes
Brooks, Alan 2019 Imperceptible
Brooks, Alan 2019 Buzz Worthy
Brooks, Alan 2019 Make A Wish Baby Cakes
Nathaniel Butterfield 2018 The Dog
Nathaniel Butterfield 2018 No Name
Nathaniel Butterfield 2018 Tucker and Tucker
Nathaniel Butterfield 2018 hEAR4U
Nathaniel Butterfield 2018 If Someday A Painter
Nathaniel Butterfield 2018 Playing By The Rules
Jones, Phillip 2017 This Damned Job
Jones, Phillip 2017 American Dream
Jones, Phillip 2017 Baby Steps
Jones, Phillip 2017 Time Traveller
Jones, Phillip 2017 Nameless
Birch, Carol 2017 Parabola
Birch, Carol 2017 All Good Things...
Birch, Carol 2017 Intermission in Bermuda
Birch, Carol 2017 Bycatch
Birch, Carol 2017 S-D.I.R. - Like Biblical Esther
Birch, Carol 2017 Oranges and Lemons
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2016 Fool's Mate
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2016 Deep End
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2016 Home Visits
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2016 Thank You For Riding
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2016 Pecking Order
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2016 Underlying Truth
Butterfield, Than 2015 101 Ways to Kill Janice
Butterfield, Than 2015 Cold Feet
Butterfield, Than 2015 Tell Me, Please
Butterfield, Than 2015 Nemeses
Butterfield, Than 2015 Graveyard Club
Butterfield, Than 2015 Sushi
Brooks, Alan 2014 Unfiltered
Brooks, Alan 2014 Cobb's Hill
Brooks, Alan 2014 Too Many Elephants
Brooks, Alan 2014 Viewpoint
Brooks, Alan 2014 No Heming Way!
Brooks, Alan 2014 Just Deserts
Butterfield, Than 2014 Just Deserts
Butterfield, Than 2014 No Heming Way!
Butterfield, Than 2014 Viewpoint
Butterfield, Than 2014 Too Many Elephants
Butterfield, Than 2014 Cobb's Hill
Butterfield, Than 2014 Unfiltered
Jones, Phillip 2014 From Russia With ...
Jones, Phillip 2014 It'll Be Alright On The Night
Jones, Phillip 2014 Precious Things
Jones, Phillip 2014 Idiotic Gay Musical
Jones, Phillip 2014 Pegged
Jones, Phillip 2014 Jitters
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2013 50 Shades of Beige
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2013 NACAD
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2013 Banana
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2013 We Wish You The Best In Your Future Endeavours
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2013 It's Not The End of the World, Hannah
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2013 Pecan Pie
Jones, Phillip 2012 Bitter Butter
Jones, Phillip 2012 Intervention
Jones, Phillip 2012 Sacred Cows
Jones, Phillip 2012 Rippled
Jones, Phillip 2012 Sound and the Fury
Jones, Phillip 2012 Genius
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2012 A Little Bit of Heaven
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2012 A Thousand Words
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2012 Appointment
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2012 One Size Fits All
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2012 Still Life With Book
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2012 Straight From the Horse's Mouth
Jones, Phillip 2011 An Evening With Bill
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2010 Slip
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2010 A Long Engagement
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2010 Chance Encounter
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2010 Mason
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2010 Cockroaches
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2010 I Love You Brady McGrady
Brooks, Alan 2009 Shaming of the True
Brooks, Alan 2009 Day's End
Brooks, Alan 2009 Trespasses
Brooks, Alan 2009 Piece Work
Brooks, Alan 2009 Country Fair
Brooks, Alan 2009 Royal Flush
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2009 Royal Flush
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2009 Country Fair
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2009 Day's End
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2009 Piece Work
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2009 Trespasses
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2009 Shaming of the True
Kermode, Nigel 2009 Shaming of the True
Kermode, Nigel 2009 Trespasses
Kermode, Nigel 2009 Day's End
Kermode, Nigel 2009 Piece Work
Kermode, Nigel 2009 Country Fair
Kermode, Nigel 2009 Royal Flush
Swain, Michael 2009 Royal Flush
Swain, Michael 2009 Country Fair
Swain, Michael 2009 Piece Work
Swain, Michael 2009 Trespasses
Swain, Michael 2009 Day's End
Swain, Michael 2009 Shaming of the True
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2008 Going Somewhere
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2008 Alphabet Soup
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2008 All In The Same Boat
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2008 Inter-Mortem
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2008 Fourteen Blueberries
Hastings-Smith, Kelvin 2008 Donor