A Collier's Tuesday Tea

part of

Art of Coarse Acting Episode IX: The Force Has Left The Building

Author : Crewes, David
Author : Duval, Lorna
Author : Gaunt, Richard
Author : Langridge, Michael
Author : Pearson, David
Author : Pearson, Sonia
Author : Turner, John
Author : Turner, Margaret
Author : Wilbourn, John
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
08-Apr-2002 - 13-Apr-2002


Role Person
Acknowledgement Goodfellow, Delight
Acknowledgement Hallett, Bruce
Acknowledgement Hannant, Jean
Acknowledgement Kett, Peggy
Assistant Producer Slaughter, Janet
Assistant Stage Manager Simpson, Janet C.
Box Office Grubesich, Denise
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Manager Madeiros, Andrea
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Crew Frith, Andrew
Crew Jurgensen, Jan
Crew Klesniks, Richard
Crew LeBonte, Andre
Crew Stones, Aiden
Crew Toms, Jacqui
Crew Tufts, Douglas
Crew Vallender, Ian
Director Watts, Steve
Front of House Hastings-Smith, Julie
Hair & Make-up Butterfield, Jeane
Hair & Make-up Evans, Dawn
Hair & Make-up Taylor, Lisa
House Manager Callaghan, Brian
House Manager Lee-Emery, Adrian
House Manager Ray, Mark
House Manager Smith, Tudor
House Manager Vallender, Ian
House Manager Williams, Viv
Lights Clabaugh, Caroline
Lights Frith, Andrew
Lights Redahan, Carol
Poster Gallant, Steve
Producer Kett, Peggy
Properties Willmott, Hannah
Publicity Roberts, Hilary
Set Construction Jurgensen, Jan
Set Construction Klesniks, Richard
Set Construction Luckham, Kevin
Set Construction Taylor, Adam
Set Construction Taylor, Lisa
Set Design Thomson, John
Set Painting Jurgensen, Jan
Set Painting Kett, Peggy
Set Painting Lounsbury, Gary
Set Painting Stella, Vivian
Set Painting Watts, Steve
Set Painting Willmott, Hannah
Sound Brier, Jim
Sound Gardner, John
Sound Hintz, Adrienne
Sound Whalley, Andrew
Special Effects Birch, Ian
Special Effects Birch, James
Special Effects Jones, Phillip
Special Effects Siggins, Jessica
Stage Manager Luckham, Kevin
Usher Brown, Shirley N.
Usher Cox, Penny
Usher Dobbie, Monica
Usher Ellison, Frank
Usher Ellison, Vera
Usher Goodfellow, Delight
Usher Hastings-Smith, Julie
Usher Mello, Jenny
Usher Rendell, Grahame
Usher Rushe, Claire
Usher Vallendar, Rhona
Usher Williams, Janice
Wardrobe Francis, Anne
Wardrobe Harris, Coral
Wardrobe Rushe, Claire