Shaw, Brian

Involvement Year Event
Bass 1981 Hats Off to America
Bass 1980 Joy of Christmas
Tenor 1980 Sounds of Music
Bass 1979 Summer Concert
Bass 1979 Spring Concert
Bass 1978 Summer Concert
Bontemps 1973 Devils
Singer 1972 Puss in Boots
Messenger 1972 Hamlet
Marcellus 1972 Hamlet
Palace Guard 1971 Aladdin
Canon Mick O'Byrne 1971 Philadelphia, Here I Come
David Bowman 1971 Flowering Cherry
Sound 1970 Cinderella
Set Construction 1970 Miss Julie
Stage Manager 1970 Miss Julie
Set Construction 1970 Ladies in Retirement
Charles Carboy 1970 Barnstable
Cast 1970 To Whom It May Concern
Set Construction 1969 Babes in the Wood
Second Knight 0 Murder in the Cathedral