Front of House Manager

Person Year Event
Knight, Liz 2019 Private Lives
McLean, Janice 2019 Absolutely Murder
McLean, Janice 2018 Teddy The Lost Dog
Dobbie, Monica 2018 The World Goes 'Round
MacLean, Janice 2018 Yes, Prime Minister
McLean, Janice 2017 Puss in Boots - Bollywood Style
Browne, Sally 2017 Time Traveller
Browne, Sally 2017 Nameless
Browne, Sally 2017 This Damned Job
Browne, Sally 2017 American Dream
Browne, Sally 2017 Baby Steps
Maule, Lisa 2017 Daylesford Singers - Frankly Speaking
Swain, Michael 2017 Daylesford Singers - Frankly Speaking
Anderson, Vicky 2017 The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Wife