Jaeger, Daniel

Involvement Year Event
Santa Claus 2019 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Bar 2019 Private Lives
Santa 2018 Teddy The Lost Dog
Show Bar 2018 Killing Carlisle
Show Bar 2018 Right/Cross
Bartender 2018 Yes, Prime Minister
City Hall Bar & Wand Sales 2017 Puss in Boots - Bollywood Style
Santa Claus 2017 Puss in Boots - Bollywood Style
Show Bar 2017 All Good Things...
Show Bar 2017 Bycatch
Show Bar 2017 Intermission in Bermuda
Show Bar 2017 Oranges and Lemons
Show Bar 2017 Parabola
Show Bar 2017 S-D.I.R. - Like Biblical Esther
Bartender 2017 The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Wife
Bartender 2017 Twelve Angry Men