Person Year Event
Bucher, Larry 2023 Desperation Stakes
Bucher, Larry 2023 A Live or Die Mystery
Bucher, Larry 2023 Alternate Ophthalmology
Bucher, Larry 2023 Mania
Bucher, Larry 2023 2 a.m.
Bucher, Larry 2023 Tail of a Headless Horseman
Cunningham, Richard 2022 Summer Showcase
Silva, Justin 2020 Keeping Up Appearances
Hamilton, Mark 2019 Private Lives
Day, Ryan 2018 Yes, Prime Minister
Kisala, Mike 2018 Yes, Prime Minister
McIntosh, Philip 2018 Yes, Prime Minister
Burkholder, Ray 2017 The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Wife
Hamilton, Mark 2016 Adventure in Pantoland
Burkholder, Ray 2016 Little Wars
Hamilton, Mark 2015 Treasure Island
Kawaley-Lathan, Adrian 2015 101 Ways to Kill Janice
Kawaley-Lathan, Adrian 2015 Cold Feet
Kawaley-Lathan, Adrian 2015 Graveyard Club
Kawaley-Lathan, Adrian 2015 Sushi
Kawaley-Lathan, Adrian 2015 Tell Me, Please
Kawaley-Lathan, Adrian 2015 Nemeses
Brier, Jym 2014 Cobb's Hill
Brier, Jym 2014 Too Many Elephants
Brier, Jym 2014 Viewpoint
Brier, Jym 2014 No Heming Way!
Brier, Jym 2014 Unfiltered
Brier, Jym 2014 Just Deserts
Hamilton, Mark 2014 Allo, Allo
Hamilton, Mark 2013 Sleeping Beauty
Joell, Vorhees 2013 NACAD
Joell, Vorhees 2013 We Wish You The Best In Your Future Endeavours
Joell, Vorhees 2013 50 Shades of Beige
Joell, Vorhees 2013 Banana
Joell, Vorhees 2013 It's Not The End of the World, Hannah
Joell, Vorhees 2013 Pecan Pie
Burgess, Quinton 2013 Calendar Girls
Joell, Vorhees 2012 Arcadia
Burkholder, Ray 2011 A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody
Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie 2010 Firebird
Joell, Vorhees 2010 Slip
Joell, Vorhees 2010 A Long Engagement
Joell, Vorhees 2010 Chance Encounter
Joell, Vorhees 2010 Mason
Joell, Vorhees 2010 Cockroaches
Joell, Vorhees 2010 I Love You Brady McGrady
Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie 2009 Robin Hood
Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie 2009 Day's End
Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie 2009 Shaming of the True
Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie 2009 Piece Work
Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie 2009 Trespasses
Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie 2009 Country Fair
Butterfield-Wallbank, Valerie 2009 Royal Flush
Butterfield, Nathaniel 2008 Snow White and the Seven Sisters
DeSilva, Dana 2008 Snow White and the Seven Sisters
Frith, Christopher 2008 Snow White and the Seven Sisters
McIntosh, Philip 2008 Snow White and the Seven Sisters
Moffatt, Steve 2008 Snow White and the Seven Sisters
Joell, Vorhees 2008 All In The Same Boat
Joell, Vorhees 2008 Alphabet Soup
Joell, Vorhees 2008 Going Somewhere
Joell, Vorhees 2008 Inter-Mortem
Joell, Vorhees 2008 Donor
Joell, Vorhees 2008 Fourteen Blueberries
Joell, Vorhees 2007 Sisterhood
Joell, Vorhees 2007 Work of Fiction
Joell, Vorhees 2007 Walk in the Park
Joell, Vorhees 2007 Bermuda Triangle
Joell, Vorhees 2007 Continuously Equidistant
Joell, Vorhees 2007 9 Months
Joell, Vorhees 2007 Grass is Greener
Hintz, Adrienne 2004 Terrible Terrence
Hintz, Adrienne 2004 But Is It Art?
Hintz, Adrienne 2004 Tabula Rasa
Hintz, Adrienne 2004 Storm In A Teacup
Hintz, Adrienne 2004 Final Rehearsal
Hintz, Adrienne 2004 At The End Of His Rope
McIntosh, Philip 2004 At The End Of His Rope
McIntosh, Philip 2004 Final Rehearsal
McIntosh, Philip 2004 Storm In A Teacup
McIntosh, Philip 2004 Tabula Rasa
McIntosh, Philip 2004 But Is It Art?
McIntosh, Philip 2004 Terrible Terrence