Person Year Event
Schaeffer, Karen 2023 Girls' Weekend
Adderley, Shaun 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Barnum, Joy 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Beckles, Akilah 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Bennett, Alice 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Conyers, Heather 2023 Mother Knows Best?
Evans, Jonathan Land 2023 This Could Be You!
Hay, Catherine 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Lightbourne, Jessica 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Murphy, Laura 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Murray, Amy 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Noriega Steinhoff, Ziria 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Quinn, Jan 2023 The Game of Tens
Simons, Andrew 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Walker, Vehia 2023 Roly-Poly Punch
Young, Jonathan 2023 Guarded
Zoellner, Helen 2023 Red Solo Cup
Bell, Kisaye 2023 Mania
Leach, Tamara 2023 2 a.m.
Pemberton, Nijanae 2023 A Live or Die Mystery
Soares, Basil 2023 Tail of a Headless Horseman
Umer, Zoraiz 2023 Alternate Ophthalmology
Woolridge, Sienna 2023 Desperation Stakes
Soleimanpur, Nassim 2023 White Rabbit, Red Rabbit
Shanley, John Patrick 2023 Doubt, A Parable
Frayn, Alan P. 2022 Sleeping Beauty
Johnston, Owain 2022 Inter-Mortem
Johnston, Owain 2022 MoA
Johnston, Owain 2022 Cockroaches
Johnston, Owain 2022 Future Perfect
Johnston, Owain 2022 Nemeses
Johnston, Owain 2022 Deep End
McCasland, Steven Carl 2021 The Widow of Warwick
Albee, Edward 2020 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?