Jones, Elizabeth

Also known as ..
Jones, Liz

Involvement Year Event
Author 2018 Playing By The Rules
Author 2016 Home Visits
Rat Pack 2015 Pied Piper
Author 2014 Pegged
Author 2013 It's Not The End of the World, Hannah
Author 2010 A Long Engagement
Prompt 2009 Absurdities of the Season
Cast & Crew Party 2009 Absurdities of the Season
Acknowledgement 2006 Boston Marriage
House Manager/Usher 2006 Beauty Queen of Leenane
House Manager/Usher 2006 The Story
House Manager 1979 Absurd Person Singular
Set Construction & Decorations 1966 Hotel Paradiso
Set Construction 1966 Fairy Tales of New York
Set Construction 1966 Rhinoceros
Set Construction 1966 View From The Bridge
Crowd 1966 View From The Bridge
Set Construction 1966 Hay Fever
Set Construction 1966 Ring Round The Moon
Set Construction 1966 Skin Of Our Teeth
Crowd 1965 Tiger at the Gates
Lights 1965 Private Ear
Lights 1965 Public Eye
Properties 1965 Winslow Boy