Private Ear

part of

Private Ear and Public Eye

Author : Shaffer, Peter
Venue : City Hall Theatre, Hamilton
19-Jul-1965 - 24-Jul-1965

This show replaces the Covent Garden Opera Company who cancelled their proposed visit.

Character Person
Bob Hamshere, David
Doreen Kirby, Iris
Ted Hind, Dusty
Role Person
Acknowledgement Pearman, Louise
Acknowledgement Ridgeway, Moray
Acknowledgement Simpson, Harold
Acknowledgement White, Chesley
Acknowledgement White, John
Assistant Stage Manager Byrne, Denis
Assistant to Director Wilkie, Gaye
Assistant to Producer Northover, Renee
Box Office Halsall, Stella
Crew Foster, Alec D.
Director Evans, Donald W.
House Manager Mason, William
Lighting Design Forster, Kay
Lights Jones, Elizabeth
Lights Keeble, Graham
Make-up Cooke, Gladys
Photographer Jones, Jane
Poster Martin, Avril
Producer Evans, Donald W.
Programme Martin, Avril
Prompt Northover, Victoria
Prompt Saunders, Lynette
Properties Hartdegan, Anne
Properties Jones, Jane
Properties Martin, Mike
Properties Rice, Len
Properties Head Cound, Moira
Publicity Keshner, Bea
Set Construction Froud, J. A. D.
Set Design Cooper, Arthur
Sound Salter, Penny
Sound Design Keeble, Graham
Stage Manager Dunford, Jack
Stenography James, Gillian
Ushers Olivey, Freda D.
Wardrobe McCartney, Madge
Wardrobe Startin, Gillian
Wardrobe Mistress Houghton, Freda