Absolutely Murder

Author : LePelley, Guernsey
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
17-Apr-2019 - 27-Apr-2019


Role Person
Acknowledgement Browne, Sally
Acknowledgement Jones, Barbara
Acknowledgement Lawrence, Ed
Acknowledgement Maccoy, Paul
Acknowledgement MacKenzie, Deborah
Acknowledgement Mello, Roger
Acknowledgement Nicholls, Liz
Acknowledgement Pasquin, Michelle
Acknowledgement Pimentel, Lizz
Acknowledgement Smith, Stephen
Acknowledgement Smith, Tommy
Acknowledgement Stienlet, Paige
Archives Knight, Liz
Assistant Lighting Designer Joell, Voorhees
Backstage Crew Day, Kim
Backstage Crew Marsh, Peter
Backstage Crew O'Connor, Matthew
Backstage Crew O'Sullivan, Siobhan
Backstage Crew Pearce, Elaine
Backstage Crew Boss Johnson, Scott
Bartender Andrade, David
Bartender Campbell, Jennifer
Bartender Farrow, Thomas
Bartender Godfrey, Robbie
Bartender Howard, Greg
Bartender Howard, Susan
Bartender Rumbelow, Megan
Bartender Savoury, Jason
Bartender Strachan, Ian
Bartender Willmott, Hannah
Box Office Crew Campbell, Jennifer
Box Office Crew Greig, Josephine
Box Office Manager Kulmala, Andrea
Cast & Crew Party Anderson, Vicky
Cast & Crew Party Knight, Liz
Cast & Crew Party Nebard, Rebekah
Costume and Wardrobe Crew Bean, Therese
Costume and Wardrobe Crew Cabral, Claudia
Costume and Wardrobe Crew Daniels, Sarah
Costume and Wardrobe Crew Rumbelow, Megan
Costume and Wardrobe Head Zimmerer, Cathy
Director Correia, Debby
Front of House Manager McLean, Janice
House Manager Chatergoon, Anil
House Manager Dobbie, Monica
House Manager Kaye, Miriam
House Manager Langley, Louise
House Manager McLean, Janice
Invited Audience Nebard, Rebekah
Lighting Assistant Earls, Amun
Lighting Design Day, Ryan
Lighting Operation Barker, Che
Lighting Operation Day, David
Lighting Operation Day, Kim
Make-up Crew Buglione, Daniela
Make-up Crew Daniels, Sarah
Make-up Crew Pearce, Elaine
Make-up Crew Rumbelow, Megan
Make-up Design Lee, James
Make-up Head Lee, James
Patrons Kulmala, Andrea
Photographer Joell, Voorhees
Photographer MacDonald, Kevin
Poster Design Goodman, Alicia
Producer Nebard, Rebekah
Producer Zimmerer, Cathy
Programme Design/Compilation Nebard, Rebekah
Properties Crew Beach, Tracey
Properties Crew Cadorin, Diana
Properties Crew Rushe, Claire
Properties Head Browne, Sally
Publicity - Social Media Chilvers, Heather
Publicity - Social Media Knight, Liz
Publicity Assistant Correia, Debby
Publicity Head McCallan, Kim
Set Construction Crew Barr, James
Set Construction Crew Blee, Kevin
Set Construction Crew Cavaliere, Sandro
Set Construction Crew Heap, Philip
Set Construction Crew Lake, Andrew
Set Construction Crew MacDonald, Kevin
Set Construction Crew McDowell, Kensley
Set Construction Crew O'Sullivan, Adrian
Set Construction Head Wright, Paul
Set Dressing Head MacKenzie, Deborah
Set Painting Crew Anderson, Vicky
Set Painting Crew Bardgett, Laura
Set Painting Crew Browne, Sally
Set Painting Crew Correia, Debby
Set Painting Crew Doars, Dee
Set Painting Crew Hill-Davidson, Sue
Set Painting Crew Holshouser, Dylan
Set Painting Crew Langley, Tom
Set Painting Crew MacKenzie, Deborah
Set Painting Crew McCallan, Kim
Set Painting Crew Nebard, Rebekah
Set Painting Crew Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Crew Roberts-Holshouser, Suzann
Set Painting Crew Saraiva, Nicole
Set Painting Crew Stewart, Tim
Set Painting Design Pasquin, Michelle
Set Painting Head Pasquin, Michelle
Show Bar Manager Amott, Sandy
Sound Crew Head Doars, David
Sound Design Day, Ryan
Sound Design Assistant Baxter, Jack
Sound Operation Joell, Voorhees
Special Advisor Birch, Carol
Stage Manager Doars, Dee
Usher Anderson, Nicola
Usher Anderson, Vicky
Usher Angiers, Shawn
Usher Chatergoon, Anil
Usher Dale, Betty
Usher Dale, John
Usher Edgett, Jane
Usher Langley, Louise
Usher Langley, Tom
Videographer Hamilton, Mark
Videographer Silva, Justin