Admirable Crichton

Author : Barrie, James M.
Venue : Garrison Theatre, Prospect
02-Dec-1955 - 07-Dec-1955
Character Person
Countess of Brocklehurst Tucker, Terry
Crichton Harman, Keith
Earl of Loam Cooke, William J.
Fisher Cabrall, Azalea
Gladys Shephard, Amy
Hon. Ernest Woolley Bainbridge, Emerson
Lady Agatha Lasenby Allen, Sheila
Lady Catherine Lasenby Kemsley, Patricia
Lady Mary Lasenby Beauchamp, Rosamund
Lord Brocklehurst Gamble, Alasdair
Miss Simmons Armstrong, Myra
Mlle. Jeanne Armstrong, Joyce
Mon. Fleury Outerbridge, John
Mr. Rolleston Jay, Allan
Naval Officer Selby, Jeremy
Page Boy Latimer, Wilson
Perkins Turner, Margot
Rev. John Treherne Zuill, James Vaughn
Stable Boy Smith, Bernard
Thomas Birdsey, Alfred
Tompsett Mackay, Wallace
Tweeny Clarke, Shelagh
Role Person
Acknowledgement Burland, Barbara
Acknowledgement Butler, John
Acknowledgement Cox, Harry
Acknowledgement Ead, Henry
Acknowledgement Lima, Eddie
Acknowledgement Lounds, Gerald
Acknowledgement March, Tony
Acknowledgement Rice-Evans, J. A. M.
Acknowledgement Weston, William
Acknowledgement White, Peter
Acknowledgement Whitehouse, Giles
Acknowledgement Yorke, Bruce
Assistant Stage Manager Smith, William N. B.
Costume Design Gray, Mrs. Donald
Costume Design Sherwood, Mrs. George
Director Bainbridge, Constance
Electricians Northover, E. Guy
House Manager Clarke, Robert H.
Prompt Cooke, Gladys
Properties Hallend, Margery
Properties Head Hughes, Betty
Publicity MacDonald, Adeline
Set Design Cooke, William J.
Stage Manager McDonald, W. J.
Wardrobe Mistress Smith, Marjorie