Lie of the Mind

Author : Shepard, Sam
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
23-Jun-2003 - 28-Jun-2003
Character Person
Baylor Outerbridge, Cotty
Beth Donahue, Jeanette
Frankie Woolgar, Paul
Jake Saul, Jonathan
Lorraine Lee, Jane
Meg Dey, Connie
Mike Legere, Jon
Sally McKinnon-Burgess, Shelley
Role Person
Acknowledgement Blee, Kevin P.
Acknowledgement Burgess, Mark
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Jeane
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Than
Acknowledgement Chapman Hilverding, Robin
Acknowledgement Cronig, Paul
Acknowledgement Foster, Brian
Acknowledgement Galloway, David
Acknowledgement Gorbutt, Alan
Acknowledgement Hallett, Bruce
Acknowledgement Hannant, Jean
Acknowledgement Jones, Phillip
Acknowledgement Kippax, Frank
Acknowledgement Kippax, Joanne
Acknowledgement Maccoy, Paul
Acknowledgement Matthews, Paul
Acknowledgement Watts, Steve
Acknowledgement Willmott, Paul
Assistant Stage Manager Frith, Andrew
Assistant Stage Manager Toms, Jacqui
Assistant to Director Robertson, Sheilagh
Bar Hastings-Smith, Julie
Bartender Benn, Malcolm
Bartender Chapman, Sarah
Bartender Crook, Elaine
Bartender Denomme, Rebecca
Bartender Durner, Linda
Bartender Elkins, Ken
Bartender Farmer, Simon
Bartender Gilmour, Angela
Bartender Jones, Barbara M.
Bartender Lee-Emery, Adrian
Bartender Monro, Alex
Bartender Potts, Margaret
Bartender Pyrah, Janet
Bartender Summers, Carol
Bartender Vaucrosson, Andrew
Bartender Willmott, Hannah
Box Office Harris, Coral
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Madeiros, Andrea
Box Office Manager Redahan, Carol
Costumes Campbell, Liz
Crew Frith, Andrew
Crew Frith, Eileen
Crew Gauthier, Donna
Crew Gillespie, Deletta
Crew Godfrey, Henry
Crew Jurgensen, Jan
Crew Martin, Craig
Crew Wallace, David
Director Godfrey, Robbie
Front of House Roberts, Hilary
House Manager/Usher Goodfellow, Delight
House Manager/Usher Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
House Manager/Usher Lee-Emery, Adrian
House Manager/Usher Pyrah, Janet
House Manager/Usher Rushe, Claire
House Manager/Usher Saadian, Janet
House Manager/Usher Saadian, Jay
House Manager/Usher Slaughter, Janet
House Manager/Usher Slaughter, Paul
House Manager/Usher Swain, Anita
House Manager/Usher Swain, Michael
House Manager/Usher Watts, Katherine
House Manager/Usher Watts, Steve
House Manager/Usher Webb, Brian
House Manager/Usher Zubris, Donna
Invited Audience Udoh, Shella
Lighting Head Brier, Mary
Lights Butterfield, Than
Lights Frith, Andrew
Lights Martin, Craig
Lights Monro, Alex
Lights Watts, Steve
Lights Winfield, Alexander
Make-up Kippax, Joanne
Make-up McLennan, Holli
Make-up Head Woolgar, Allison
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Poster Nearon, Danya
Producer Hastings-Smith, Julie
Programme Gallant, Steve
Programme Hastings-Smith, Julie
Programme Nearon, Danya
Properties Godfrey, Judy
Properties Vallis, Susan
Properties Head Willmott, Hannah
Publicity Hastings-Smith, Julie
Publicity Assistant Donahue, Jeanette
Publicity Assistant Udoh, Shella
Set Construction Benn, Malcolm
Set Construction Frith, Andrew
Set Construction Gauthier, Donna
Set Construction Godfrey, Henry
Set Construction Godfrey, Robbie
Set Construction Jurgensen, Jan
Set Construction Lee, Allan
Set Construction Lin, George
Set Construction McKenzie, Bruce
Set Construction Monro, Alex
Set Construction Head Labonte, Andre
Set Design Godfrey, Robbie
Set Design Jurgensen, Jan
Set Painting Beasley, Lorraine
Set Painting Coash, Julie
Set Painting Coash, Tom
Set Painting Farmer, Simon
Set Painting Hannant, Jean
Set Painting Hastings-Smith, Julie
Set Painting Potts, Margaret
Set Painting Valesquez, Karen
Set Painting Head Butterfield, Jeane
Sound Beasley, Lorraine
Sound Head Brier, Jim
Stage Manager Taylor, Lisa
Video Sequencing Godfrey, Robbie
Video Sequencing Legere, Jon
Wardrobe Kippax, Joanne
Wardrobe McLennan, Holli
Wardrobe Head Pyrah, Janet