Girls' Weekend

Playwright : Schaeffer, Karen
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
17-Aug-2023 - 26-Aug-2023


Role Person
Audition Assistance Chatergoon, Anil
Audition Assistance Zimmerer, Cathy
Backstage Crew Campbell, Jenn
Backstage Crew Correia, Debby
Backstage Crew Hassell, Jamel
Backstage Crew Johnson, Scott
Backstage Crew Morley, Wayne
Bar Amott, Sandy
Bar Anderson, Vicky
Bar Andrade, David
Bar Beach, Tracey
Bar Browne, Sally
Bar Gilmour, Angela
Bar Hall, Theresa
Bar Hill-Davidson, Sue
Bar Lamerton, Jennie
Bar Leahy, Paul
Bar MacKenzie, Shauna
Bar Martin, Diana
Bar Matcham, Hilda
Bar Pedro, Chris
Bar Petty, Roddy
Bar Webel, Brock
Bar Zuill, Dawn
Box Office Anderson, Vicky
Box Office Campbell, Jenn
Box Office Kulmala, Andrea
Cast & Crew Party Campbell, Jenn
Cast & Crew Party Leahy, Paul
Cast & Crew Party Quinn, Jan
Costume/Wardrobe Zimmerer, Cathy
Director Correia, Debby
Front of House Anderson, Vicky
Front of House Angiers, Shawn
Front of House Dobbie, Monica
Front of House Hill-Davidson, Sue
Front of House Hollis, Adria
Front of House Kaye, Miriam
Front of House Low, Christine
Front of House MacLean, Janice
Front of House Matcham, Hilda
Front of House Pearce, Elaine
Front of House Rendell, Grahame
Front of House Rushe, Claire
Front of House Sousa, Sharlene
Lights/Sound Cabral, Eric
Lights/Sound Onyia, Olivia
Photographer Rynne, Anthony
Poster Nebard, Rebekah
Producer Campbell, Jenn
Producer Zimmerer, Cathy
Programme Campbell, Jenn
Prompt Dyer, Mary
Prompt Zimmerer, Megan
Props Browne, Sally
Props Lamerton, Jennie
Props Whitestone, Christine
Publicity Andrade, David
Publicity Ausenda, Stefano
Publicity Campbell, Jenn
Publicity Correia, Debby
Publicity Kawaley-Lathan, Katrina
Publicity Lamerton, Jennie
Publicity Mello, Roger
Publicity Zimmerer, Cathy
Set Building Blee, Kevin
Set Building Johnson, Scott
Set Building Lee-Emery, Adrian
Set Building Legere, Bob
Set Building MacDonald, Kevin
Set Building Morley, Wayne
Set Building Wilson, Gavin
Set Design Correia, Debby
Set Design Pasquin, Michelle
Set Design Wright, Paul
Set Dressing Flood, Nicola
Set Painting Anderson, Vicky
Set Painting Beach, Tracey
Set Painting Bryan, Chris
Set Painting Gilmour, Angela
Set Painting Gurret, Nicky
Set Painting Hassell, Lynn
Set Painting Hill-Davidson, Sue
Set Painting MacKenzie, Deborah
Set Painting MacKenzie, Shauna
Set Painting Nicholls, Liz
Set Painting Pasquin, Michelle
Set Painting Robertson, Sheilagh
Set Painting Smith, Donna
Stage Manager Doars, Dee
Videographer Bean, Therese