Answer the Door

part of

Famous for 15 Minutes

Author : Bean, Sarina
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
20-Feb-2002 - 23-Feb-2002

Sponsored by the Bank of Bermuda Foundation.


Role Person
Acknowledgement Acton, Nancy
Acknowledgement Boyd, Julie
Acknowledgement Boyd, Todd
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Jeane
Acknowledgement Butterfield, Than
Acknowledgement Coash, Julie
Acknowledgement Dakin, Clive
Acknowledgement Dobbie, Monica
Acknowledgement Dorrell, Mark
Acknowledgement Flath, Bob
Acknowledgement Forster, Tony
Acknowledgement Foster, Norm
Acknowledgement Fuller, Gordon Mandela
Acknowledgement Gardner, John
Acknowledgement Holder, Robin
Acknowledgement Johnson, Kirsty
Acknowledgement Kennett, Janice
Acknowledgement Lang, David
Acknowledgement Lima, Christopher
Acknowledgement Lopes, David
Acknowledgement Mitchell, David
Acknowledgement Moniz, Jessie
Acknowledgement Monkman, Lucy
Acknowledgement Mulderig, Betsy
Acknowledgement Pitt, Julia
Acknowledgement Potts, Margaret
Acknowledgement Robertson, Sheilagh
Acknowledgement Stobo, Jennifer
Acknowledgement Trott, Ghale
Acknowledgement Whalley, Andrew
Assistant Stage Manager Frith, Andrew
Assistant Stage Manager Redahan, Carol
Bar Blackmore, Eric
Bar Dakin, Clive
Bar Lettington, Richard
Bar Luckham, Kevin
Bar McIntosh, Philip
Bar Pyrah, Janet
Bar Redahan, Carol
Bar Saunders, Bonnie
Box Office Copeland, Philip
Box Office Grainge, Barbara
Box Office Hastings-Smith, Julie
Box Office Hintz, Adrienne
Box Office Madeiros, Andrea
Box Office Moore, Valerie
Box Office Watts, Steve
Catering Goodfellow, Delight
Catering Redahan, Carol
Catering Zubris, Donna
Crew Maxwell, Kay
Crew Tormey, Pam
Director Simons, Andre
Front of House Bacon, Shirley
Front of House Blakley, Michael
Front of House Copeland, Philip
Front of House Davis, Sandra
Front of House Edridge, Jeanne
Front of House Gallant, Steve
Front of House Kennedy, Alan
Front of House Moore, Valerie
Front of House Russell, Annie
Front of House Tayler, Hazel
Lights Blood, Chris
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Frith, Andrew
Lights Jones, Phillip
Lights Saunders, Thomas
Patrons Tatem, Sandy
Piano Music Kilbane, Brian
Poster Taylor, Tim
Producer Coash, Tom
Producer Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Producer Jones, Phillip
Programme Ang, Jonathia
Programme Hastings-Smith, Julie
Publicity Branson, Clive
Set Construction Jurgensen, Jan
Set Construction Taylor, Jack
Set Construction Watts, Steve
Set Design Jurgensen, Jan
Set Design Taylor, Jack
Set Design Watts, Steve
Sound Brier, Jim
Sound Gardner, John
Stage Manager Jones, Barbara M.