Foster, Norm

Involvement Year Event
Judge 2015 101 Ways to Kill Janice
Judge 2015 Cold Feet
Judge 2015 Graveyard Club
Judge 2015 Nemeses
Judge 2015 Sushi
Judge 2015 Tell Me, Please
Acknowledgement 2014 From Russia With ...
Acknowledgement 2014 Idiotic Gay Musical
Acknowledgement 2014 It'll Be Alright On The Night
Acknowledgement 2014 Jitters
Acknowledgement 2014 Pegged
Acknowledgement 2014 Precious Things
Alex Tratt 2014 Skin Flick
Author 2014 Skin Flick
David Kilbride 2012 On A First Name Basis
Author 2012 On A First Name Basis
Reading Panel 2012 A Little Bit of Heaven
Reading Panel 2012 A Thousand Words
Reading Panel 2012 Appointment
Reading Panel 2012 One Size Fits All
Reading Panel 2012 Still Life With Book
Reading Panel 2012 Straight From the Horse's Mouth
Acknowledgement 2004 At The End Of His Rope
Acknowledgement 2004 But Is It Art?
Acknowledgement 2004 Final Rehearsal
Acknowledgement 2004 Storm In A Teacup
Acknowledgement 2004 Tabula Rasa
Acknowledgement 2004 Terrible Terrence
Author 2004 Long Weekend
Max Trueman 2004 Long Weekend
Acknowledgement 2002 Ice Breaker
Acknowledgement 2002 Just Reward
Acknowledgement 2002 Answer the Door
Acknowledgement 2002 A Good Man
Acknowledgement 2002 Last Supper
Acknowledgement 2002 These Things
Author 1999 Ethan Claymore