One for the Road

part of

1996 Play Reading Season

Author : Russell, Willy
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
01-Feb-1996 - 02-Feb-1996
Character Person
Dennis Cain Hastings-Smith, Kelvin
Jane Fuller Lamont, Rebecca
Pauline Cain Swain, Karen
Roger Fuller Swain, Michael
Role Person
Acknowledgement Belton, Peter
Acknowledgement Blee, Kevin P.
Acknowledgement Dudden, Steve
Acknowledgement Duffy, Janice
Acknowledgement Gilbertson, Alan
Acknowledgement Hannant, Jean
Acknowledgement Hassell, Colin
Acknowledgement Jones, Barbara M.
Acknowledgement Lee-Emery, Adrian
Acknowledgement Moffett, Jennifer
Assistant Stage Manager Chisholm, Helen-Ann
Director Bailey, Barry J.
Lights Bendell, Sue
Producer Power, Sue
Programme Musson, Karen
Programme Stroeder, James
Properties Woods, Alison
Sound ?
Sound Bainbridge, Lara Lynn
Sound Gardner, John
Stage Manager Lounsbury, Gary