Mullaly, Mark

Involvement Year Event
Trainer 1987 Measure for Measure
Sound Design 1986 Elephant Man
Sound 1986 Cabaret
Trainer 1986 Dame of Sark
Trainer 1986 Round and Round the Garden
Production Assistant 1986 Play On
Sound Head 1985 Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Sound 1985 Caine Mutiny Courtmartial
Lights 1985 Caine Mutiny Courtmartial
Production Assistant 1985 Move over Mrs. Markham
Production Assistant 1985 Evening of Music, Drama and All That Jazz
Sound Design 1985 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Assistance 1985 Night of January 16th
Assistance 1985 84 Charing Cross Road
Assistance 1985 Once a Catholic
Cast & Crew 1984 Gums 7.5 - The Gumpowder Steal - Bermuda's 357th Spelling Error