Person Year Event
Frazier, Lindsey 2016 Adventure in Pantoland
Ayres, Jaqueline 2010 Dad's Army
Kaye, Miriam 2010 Dad's Army
Muggleton, Emma 2010 Dad's Army
Osmond, Jennifer 2010 Dad's Army
Simmons, Ingrid 1983 Roar of the Greasepaint - Smell of the Crowd
Hutton, Nuala 1974 Blood Wedding
Laing, Meva 1974 Blood Wedding
Rushe, Claire 1974 Blood Wedding
Binden, Anne 1959 Giselle
Broomfield, Nanei 1959 Symphony No. V
Elford, Jill 1959 Giselle
Elverson, Alex 1959 Giselle
Fraser-Smith, Helen 1959 Giselle
Kite, Ann 1959 Giselle
Marlo, Beverly 1959 Symphony No. V
Morgan, Judy 1959 Symphony No. V
Morgan, Judy 1959 Giselle
Silver, Phoebe 1959 Symphony No. V
Stevens, Penney 1959 Giselle
Ware, Patrice 1959 Giselle