Trainer - Sound

Person Year Event
Gardner, John 2000 Blithe Spirit
Hintz, Adrienne 2000 Blithe Spirit
March, Chris 1991 School for Scandal
March, Chris 1991 Glass Menagerie
March, Chris 1991 Major Barbara
March, Chris 1990 Midsummers Night Dream
Roberts, Paul 1990 Midsummers Night Dream
Roberts, Paul 1990 Seagull
March, Chris 1990 Dining Room
Roberts, Paul 1990 Dining Room
Whalley, Andrew 1990 Dining Room
March, Chris 1989 Flip Side
March, Chris 1989 Our Town
March, Chris 1989 True West
March, Chris 1989 Billy Liar
March, Chris 1989 Golden Gordon
March, Chris 1989 Roger of the Raj
Beaudoin, Paul 1987 Baby with the Bathwater
Beaudoin, Paul 1987 Isn't It Romantic
Beaudoin, Paul 1987 Tartuffe
Beaudoin, Paul 1987 Grass is Greener