Science Fiction

part of

Playreadings 2003

Author : Widdicombe, David
Composer : Gallant, Steve A.
Venue : Daylesford Theatre, Hamilton
07-Feb-2003 - 08-Feb-2003
Character Person
Jill Hallett, Rowan
Quint Outerbridge, Cotty
Spider Gallant, Steve
Teddy Billing, Brian
Role Person
Acknowledgement Gallant, Steve
Acknowledgement Marques, Buffy
Acknowledgement O'Reilly, Paul
Acknowledgement Van Nguyen, Son
Acknowledgement Widdicombe, David
Armourer O'Reilly, Paul
Armourer Van Nguyen, Son
Assistant Stage Manager Wallace, David
Assistant to Director Marques, Buffy
Costumes Jones, Barbara M.
Crew Strenk, Joseph
Director Brier, Jim
Fight Choreography Marques, Buffy
Front of House Foster, Brian
Lights Billing, Brian
Lights Brier, Mary
Lights Frith, Andrew
Lights Monro, Alex
Lights Strenk, Joseph
Lights Watts, Steve
Mentor Birch, Carol
Mentor Brier, Mary
Mentor Frith, Andrew
Mentor Hintz, Adrienne
Mentor Jones, Barbara M.
Mentor Roberts, Hilary
Producer Foster, Brian
Producer Slaughter, Janet
Programme Slaughter, Paul
Programme Design Gallant, Steve
Publicity Chapman, Sarah
Set Construction Brier, Mary
Set Construction Frith, Andrew
Set Construction Lounsbury, Gary
Set Construction Strenk, Joseph
Set Construction Toms, Jacqui
Set Construction Watts, Steve
Set Design Brier, Mary
Set Dressing & Properties Brier, Mary
Set Dressing & Properties Cheal, Jenny
Set Dressing & Properties Frith, Andrew
Set Dressing & Properties Nicholls, Barbara
Set Painting Slaughter, Janet
Set Painting Strenk, Joseph
Set Painting Strenk, Michelle
Set Painting Toms, Jacqui
Set Painting Watts, Steve
Sound Frith, Andrew
Sound Gardner, John
Sound Harriott, Kathy
Stage Manager Monro, Alex
Weapon Wizard Maccoy, Paul